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A121 - The 9 Frame Jolly complete

Product Code: A121

Based on the experience of over 45 years of production of polystyrene (EPS) hives, here is one of the innovations for 2024 -

  • Body with frame 
  • super with frame 
  • Hive "the Jolly"10 frame, set up with 9 Frame
  • External measurements 43.5x50 cm
  • Anti-varroa mobile bottom that can be detached from the hive body,
  • Sturdy side grip handles, front and rear protrusions for further gripping of the "9 Jolly frames" hive
  • Hive walls up to 4 cm thick in high density polystyrene.
  • Reinforcement and anti-wear upper edges on 4 sides
  • Spacers and propolis collection channel
  • 3 interchangeable connection angles and 1 lever rest angle
  • Heat-insulating honeycomb cover with built-in 6 liter feeder
  • Pre-painted galvanized sheet metal roof.
Use the new “Jolly” hives for greater comfort and protection of your bees from sudden changes in summer and winter temperatures. Save bee food!

The “La 9 Frame Jolly” hive is 100% made in Quarti Italy. It lasts longer than wooden hives and above all is 100% recyclable!
Let's reduce the exploitation of forests and save nature
optionalpallets for 2 bee hive Art. B15

It can be painted with water-based paints, this reduces external aging,
Giving greater strength and durability to the product,

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