S134C80 - Electronic extractor motor model 500 with NEW safety lock

Product Code: S134C80

Built according to the demands of the more demanding
beekeepers, always forced in working harder and harder
and always with honey even more diffi cult to be extracted.
High technology of microelectronics, used in the working
process of the engine, allow us to introduce it in a very
high level’s market with different planning of its purpose.
Electronic planning with membrane panel control

  • Electronic programming with membrane control panel
  • Manual engine’s use with start/stop button, speed increase/ decrease, change of the rotating sense.
  • Automatic use of the engine with self-learning of the previous plannings
  • Two memories where it is possible to set the extraction cycles (modifiable in extraction phases and that are automatically memorized)
  • Enlighten line visualizers, start/stop, inversion, planning, used memories and speed
  • Fast assembly at the honey extractor
  • Die-cast aluminium engine’s supply
  • Power supply 230 V - 150 W
  • with NEW an electric lids lock Art.C80

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€ 610,00

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