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N01.40 - PLASTIC FEEDER Lt 1 - pcs 40

Product Code: N01.40


  • ​capability Lt 1
  • complete with tranparent lid with anti-condensation holes
  • transparent bell with anti-condensation holes
  • soft yellow plastic cover 
Our feeder Manufactured in Quarti Italy since 1978 is made of 2 different plastic materials, the yellow colored cylindrical container made of PP, - Polypropylene resistant to low temperature plus 5° C, high temperature plus 90° C. maintains its physical characteristics of resistance in the presence of aqueous solutions containing salts, strong acids and alkalis.
Lid Art.C98 and bell Art.C97 transparent, are made of PS Virgin Crystal Polystyrene. Resistant to low temperature 10°C, high temperature 70 to 100°C. With long-term temperature between 60 ~ 80° C. and with the presence of aqueous solutions containing salts, acids and strong alkalis, deformation increases.
High temperatures can be generated not only by antivarroa treatments or by the sun.

Therefore, during antivarroa treatments, we recommend not to use them. From sunlight, do not expose them directly to the sun. If you use galvanized sheet metal roofs, they should be insulated or covered with wood Art. T02. Or insulate with thermal insulator Art.C123 .Sheet metal only, must be pre-painted light color e.g. white ( Art.T00 for 10-frame hives or Art.T31 for 6-frame hives made of polystyrene).

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