T51L19 - ​Professional pollen traps for hives - round holes

Product Code: T51L19

​Professional pollen traps for hives Quarti Italy with mesh stop Asian wasp .

Its particular shape allows it to be positioned on all hives, Dadamblatt, with or without porch, Langstroth, in plastic, in polystyrene ..

    Different mounting solutions, using the guides for fixing the metal entrance door, or frontally to the hive, mounting two special guides, or on movable plastic floor using special guides Art A96 (included in the mobile bottom kit and Professional Pollen trap)

The grid detaches pollen with two different bee passages

    Passage with round hole Art. L19, article T51L19
    Passage with rhombus hole Art. L20. article T51L20

The grids have 3 rows at the bottom, while sideways to increase.
A rib on both sides of the grid, in correspondence with the holes and not, allows the bees to cling and then move more easily.
Both plates have the possibility to rotate, open / close.
When the trap is assembled, the slab collects pollen and is left open, making it easier for the bees to recognize a new passage, reducing any traffic jams once it is lowered.
A very large slit, before the tray collecting pollen, allows the bees to eliminate dirt coming from the apiary.
Two side holes act as sfuzzers.
A very large roof ensures a good shelter of the weather trap.
The Art V36 pollen collecting tray runs on guides and, once inserted, an internal click hook blocks the escita.
The latter has an excellent ventilation and can contain up to 700 gr. of pollen.
The professional pollen trap is also supplied with an anti-wasp Asian net.
The lowered antivespa net allows the bees to enter and exit with much more tranquility as the Asian wasp or velutina can not attack the bees

The passage of males, "sfucatore" can be enlarged at will

Our trap - is made entirely of 100% recyclable food plastic material, assembled without the use of toxic screws, nails or glues.

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