T62I12 - ISOLATOR for queen bee with frame D.B.

Product Code: T62I12

ISOLATOR for queen bee

  • Complete With frame  UNWAXED  D.B.Art.T62
  • Queen excluder for frame D.B. Art I12
It is used by inserting the queen, inside the isolator, the time necessary for the lock of the brood.
It allows the queen to continue laying but only on the honeycomb isolated from the cover
How to assemble: the frame has a plastic sheet with cells, on one side it has a depth of 10 mm
on the opposite side the depth is about 13 mm, the cover must be positioned on this side.
The cover has a perimeter edge that increases the internal space to give the queen greater ease to lay.
Also available is a plastic honeycomb with partially pre-built cells. Art. T50
The use of an eventual elastic, for an additional seal of the cover to the honeycomb, is recommended.

€ 6,00

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