S100 - ​Honey extractor series 2008-9/3 frame

Product Code: S100

Honey extractor series 2008-9/3 - RADIAL WITH NYLON  BASKET for 9 honeycombs for the shallow box D.B
o 3 honeycomb for shallow box D.B. with the use of additional cage excluded (inox series G06)

  • with Nylon basket
  • faucet on the bottom
  • with TRANSMISSION FOR HONEY EXTRACTOR with brake (rotation only in one sense Art.T26)
  • anti-dust lid for the part of honey extractor
  • hold tools support
  • inox-steel filter for opercolums
  • adjustable legs in height
  • honeycomb support for uncapping
  • optional - (motorized with motor S86 or S134 Not included)

€ 765,00

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