C11 - inox-steel BASKET for radial of 9 frame D.B.

Product Code: C11


  • in inox-steel
  • radial
  • for tank diameter 525 mm
  • for axe 16 mm
  • H 430 mm
  • 9 honeycombs D.B. of shallow box
Additional inox steel Cage for honey extractors 
when inserts this trasforms the basket from radial to tangential Art. G06

Our radial baskets, made of "spring" stainless steel wire, are manufactured to reduce the imbalance of a load which is not well balanced, they have an irregular circumference. The elasticity of the basket, with its relative deformation, is more evident with increasing speed. A remarkable feature, the basket absorbs part of the load imbalance with its deformation, also increasing the stability of the honey extractor and a longer service life for the shaft support, the Teflon ring and the bearings.

€ 110,00

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