A75 - HIVE 10 frame polystyrene

Product Code: A75

HIVE La 10 Quarti 20.14 of 10 honeycombs only high density polystyrene nest 

  • high density polystyrene
  • box roof in galvanized sheet metal  
  • polystyrene honeycombs cover with 4-position disk and built-in Feeder
  • spacer reinforces edge with stainless steel bee saver
  • Fixed anti-vibration galvanized net
  • galvanized  sheet metal extractable bottom art.F54
  • zinc-coated guides for bottom extraction
  • galvanized  sheet metal door
  • door for open and close "toohted and close"
  • divisible into 2 hives
  • double output - front and rear opening -
optional pallets for 2 bee hive Art. B15

It can be painted with water-based paints, this reduces external aging,
Giving greater strength and durability to the product,

€ 67,00

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