M102 - SHALLOW BOX D.B.9 Frames Jolly

Product Code: M102

SUPER 8 frames dadant for hive wood / polistirene 

  • External measurements 43.5x50 cm
  • Sturdy side grip handles
  • front and rear protrusions for additional grip 
  • High density polystyrene.
  • Reinforcement and anti-wear upper edges on 4 sides Art.A129
  • Spacers of 8 Frame - save bees and propolis collection channel
  • 3 interchangeable connection angles Art.A122 and 1 lever support angle Art.A124
FRAME D.B. from super mounted - excluding Art T08M
Use the new “product " hives and supers for greater comfort and protection of your bees from sudden changes in summer and winter temperatures. Save bee food!
Hives and supers “La 9 Frames Jolly” 100% made in Quarti Italy. They last longer than wooden hives and supers and above all they are 100% recyclable!
Let's reduce the exploitation of forests and save nature

They can be painted with water-based paints, this reduces external aging,
giving greater resistance and durability.

€ 19,00 € 17,04
Save 1,96 €

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