S06 - 18/9 Frame Hand Crank Radial Extractor

Product Code: S06

RADIAL D.B. honey Extractor with INOX basket​

  • with inox-steel basket
  • with inox-steel legs
  • for 18 honeycombs of the shallow box or 3 of the nest
  • Ø 620
  • transmission with steel gears and automatic release of the towing EC 
  • 3 additional cages for honey extract  nest honeycombs  art G06
  • Motorized Total cost 820.00 with 110 Watt motor with speed setting and speed of rotation  model S86
  • Motorized Total cost 820.00 with 100 Watt electronic motor with self-learning or manual setting for  extraction cycles S122

€ 400,00
Prices are for INCLUDED VAT

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