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C125.05 - 5 Trolley tray, 43x50 cm, with 4 wheels

Product Code: C125.05


5 pcs Trolley for supers

  • External: 48x56 cm
  • Internal: 46x54 cm
  • Total Height: 15 cm
  • Structure material: PEHD.
  • 4 swivel wheels 80x32 mm. Art.R33
  • Wheel support Art.C127
  •  Maximum load: 150 kg

Optional: stainless steel tray Art.V41.

Trolley for supers with measures of 43x50 cm and 42.5x51 cm

Practical to use and easy to clean. Allows the storage and movement of the supers specially stacked (overlapping) on the single trolley. It is supplied with wheels Art.R33, supports Art. C127 and screws, Optional stainless steel tray Art.V41.

Made of 100% recyclable resistant plastic material (PEHD).

Maximum load 150 kg.  

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