A49 - HIVE D.B. 10 HONEYCOMBS with only nest with movable antivarroa bottom

Product Code: A49

HIVE D.B. 10 HONEYCOMBS with fixed antivarroa net bottom

  • nest
  • cover honeycombs with assembled 4 positions disc
  • zinc-coated metal sheets lid high 10 cm covered with wood and hardboard on the bottom
  • little plastic mask in order to be transported
  • zinc-coated pinwheel
  • metal little door
  • 3 connection angulars (not mounted )
  • spacer built in the nest
  • movable antivarroa bottom Made in Quarti Art. F62  - not mounted
  • seasoned fi r’s wood, depth 25 mm
  • walls assembled with screws
  • metal sheet for Botton plastic for hive 10 frame (Art.F68)


€ 70,00

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