N07 - FEEDER for polystyrene hive of 6 honeycombs new!

Product Code: N07

New CROWN BOARD FEEDER for polystyrene hive quarti of 6 Frame

  • Art. A41 - A77 - A89
  • Dimensioni 275 x 495 x 70 H
A new form makes it unique and practical for feed with candied in envelope or without, or with liquid food.
The position of the central hole,in wich the entire  liquid product flows through the inclined bottom,allows to place also a round feeder Art. N01, or use it as it is provided complete with polystyrene bell  Art.C107 and transparent plastic cover bell Art.C97.
It has a 3 lt.  capacity.
For close the feeder, reuse the polystyrene lid of the hive.The electro-welded sheet cover(cod. T131)covers the CROWN BOARD FEEDER avoiding any water infiltration.

€ 7,50

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