N06 - FEEDER for polystyrene hive of 6 honeycombs

Product Code: N06

CROWN BOARD FEEDER for polystyrene hive quarti of 6 honeycombs art. A41
Suitable for both liquid food and solid food.
It is used with transparent plastic bell Art. C97 (supplied) for liquid food,instead it is used without the bell for solid food(pasta candied), placing directly the envelope of pasta candied  in the  instead of the bell, or if are using bulk candied, you will have it inside the feeder  always withouth the bell.
For close the feeder, reuse the polystyrene lid of the hive.The electro-welded sheet cover (cod. T31) covers the CROWN BOARD FEEDER avoiding any water infiltration.

€ 6,50

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