S04 - Solar Wax Melter 70 X 70 galvanized

Product Code: S04

Solar Wax Melter

  • double glass ( glass has no guarantee )
  • glass stop rod (not in garantie)
  • dimensions cm 70x70
  • support plan (4 by melaru or 2 by nest) (reschange onli inox Art. V34 )
  • stainless steel wax filter
  • Removable wax containment pan
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel pedestal
  • swivel bracket for orientation of wax extractor
Considered the finest method of processing beeswax cappings, the Solar Wax Melter has no direct heat source, which means less discoloration as well as natural bleaching by the sun to provide you with the lightest rendered beeswax cappings possible!
We advise not to insert wax or honeycombs previously treated with aggressive anti-varroa chemical products, they could give rise to exhalations such as to corrode the internal galvanizing of the waxing machine.

€ 348,00 € 320,00
Save 28,00 €

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